Advantage of O-ring of Fluorine Rubber

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  Advantage of O-ring of Fluorine Rubber
  1. Fluoroelastomer has high chemical stability (such as acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, superheated water resistance and steam resistance) and is the best medium resistance of all elastomers at present.
  2. Fluoroelastomer has the same high temperature resistance as silicone rubber. It can be said that it is the best elastomer at present.
  3. Fluororubber has excellent weather aging resistance and ozone resistance.
  4. Fluororubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  Defects of fluorine rubber O-ring:
  1. Fluororubber seals are too brittle at low temperature. Poor cold resistance 2. Fluororubber seals are one of the poorer elastomers in radiation resistance.
  3. The price is expensive.