ED Rubber Ring    |      2019.08.13    |     Hit:57   

ED rubber ring according to DIN 3869 are used as axially static soft seals in combination with threaded elements. Common applications include construction machinery, hydraulic presses, injection machines, fittings, hydraulic valves, and threaded tube connections in industry in general.

The special shape of ED rubber ring enables them to be used in high-pressure applications, compensate for manufacturing tolerances, and provide reliable sealing action.

No. Thread (inch) Thread (metric) Size
ED08 M8*1.0 6.5*9.9*1.0
ED10 G1/8A M10*1.0 8.4*11.9*1.0
ED12 M12*1.5 9.8*14.4*1.5
ED14 G1/4A M14*1.5 11.6*16.5*1.5
ED16 M16*1.5 13.8*18.9*1.5
ED17 G3/8A M17*1.5 14.7*18.9*1.5
ED18 M18*1.5 15.7*20.9*1.5
ED20 M20*1.5 17.8*22.9*1.5
ED21 G1/2A M21*1.5 18.5*23.9*1.5
ED22 M22*1.5 19.6*24.3*1.5
ED24 M24*1.5 21.8*26.9*1.5
ED26 G3/4A M26*1.5 23.9*29.2*1.5
ED27 G3/4A M27*2.0 23.9*29.2*2.0
ED30 M30*2.0 26.7*32.7*2.0
ED33 G1/A M33*2.0 29.7*35.7*2.0
ED36 M36*2.0 32.7*38.7*2.0
ED39 M39*2.0 35.7*41.7*2.0
ED42 G1-1/4 M42*2.0 38.8*45.8*2.0
ED48 G1-1/2 M48*2.0 44.7*50.7*2.0
ED60 M60*2.0 56.5*66.5*4.0
ED60 M60*2.0 56.1*62.7*2.5
ED60 G2A M60*2.5 56.4*62.7*2.5